St Francis performance recordings

St Francis church in Milford is always such a lovely venue to perform in – it somehow feels intimate and spacious at the time. For our joint concert in October, Richard put a digital recorder at the back of the church in the hope of capturing some good recordings of our performance.

NB: Don’t forget that all these songs are covered by copyright, so please don’t distribute the tracks or post them on public forums. Many thanks.

Contemporary Choir

Chamber Choir

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Lorraine Black - 22 November, 2017 Reply

Thank you Richard. Lovely to be able to bring the concert into my own home and enjoy the music over and over…..and over. Lorraine B

Joan Oxley Hales - 20 November, 2017 Reply

This was my first performance with Total Voice and I really enjoyed the occasion and it’s lovely to be able to hear how we sounded to the audience especially our diction which I thought was very good.
Many thanks to all concerned in producing the evening.
Joan Oxley Hales

Jo Vezey - 19 November, 2017 Reply

Sounding great!

Angela Foster - 19 November, 2017 Reply

Great idea Richard and thank you for letting us hear how we sound to the audience.

Brenda Freer - 17 November, 2017 Reply

Yes, a really brilliant idea. It is good to know how we actually sound to an audience.

Brenda Freer

David Smith - 16 November, 2017 Reply

really enjoyed listening to this as I missed the concert. Good to hear how all 3 parts blend together.

Well done to you all.

Irene Osman - 16 November, 2017 Reply

Thank you Richard for making this recording. I was unable to take part due to an operation and I really missed not being there. Well done everyone you sounded great.

Maggie Welsh - 16 November, 2017 Reply

How brilliant. Now I know how it feels to be in the audience! Thank you Richard

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