What to do when you attend rehearsals

PLEASE BRING LYRICS WITH YOU. We no longer hand out any paper at rehearsals. Here are some options if you don’t have a printer at home:-

  1. Ask a friend or family member to print the lyrics. You can download the lyric sheets from the website. They’re just basic PDF files so you can attach them to an email or pop them onto a USB stick.
  2. Download the PDFs from the website onto a tablet or phone and read them off the screen at rehearsals. You could even try reading them straight off the website now that we’re in a venue with wifi (although it can be a bit hit and miss sometimes).
  3. Copy the lyrics into a notebook by hand. They’re not usually very long and the copying process is great for helping you to remember the words. Make sure you copy them from the version on our website – versions on other sites may differ.
  4. Don’t bring lyrics at all and pick them up by ear at rehearsals along with the music. You’ll learn the words faster and you won’t have to face that ‘no more lyric sheets’ moment as you work towards a performance!